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Solihull Home Insurance

Solihull home insurance policies give home owners in West Midlands greater peace of mind about the security of their property. Whether you own a quaint cottage, a listed building or an updated contemporary house in Solihull, you'll find a policy that offers the financial protection you need to thoroughly enjoy home ownership. Take advantage of the convenience of online technology to compare quotes from several of the top Solihull home insurance providers in just a few simple steps.

West Midlands House Insurance Benefits

Solihull is one of the most affluent communities in West Midlands. Residents and their families have a number of quality shopping centres, nature reserves and educational institutions to choose from. Housing options are widely varied, but the majority of home owners in Solihull protect their property with Solihull home insurance.

Solihull home insurance protects you financially if your house is destroyed or damaged by fire or smoke, flooding, storms, high winds, water or oil escape from broken pipes or appliances, falling objects, vehicle collisions, riots, forced-entry theft and many other perils. A house insurance policy protects the building that you own, including its foundation, flooring, walls, ceilings, doors and windows, fixed wardrobes, plumbing and electrical fixtures. Outdoor structures, such as fences and garages, are also covered under a house insurance policy or a second house protection plan.

A Solihull home can be insured for its rebuild value, or for its market value. The rebuild value of a dwelling represents the cost of constructing a new residence using building materials that are similar to the original property. The market value represents the value of a home on the current market, or the amount you would receive if you were to put the house up for sale.

An older dwelling with structural problems, faulty plumbing or wiring is more likely to be insured for its market value rather than its rebuild cost. Reconstructing older dwellings using the same construction materials can be exorbitantly expensive. Listed buildings, which have historic value to the community, may be insured under specialist listed buildings cover, which pays out to restore an older home to its former condition.

Newly constructed buildings can be insured with specialist Solihull home insurance for new structures. With a house that has never been occupied, risks may be more difficult to predict.This speciality insurance provides for the possibility that a property owner may encounter unanticipated issues with a dwelling after occupying the house for a certain period of time. Regardless of the age of your dwelling, house insurance is generally required by mortgage lenders in England if you take out a loan to purchase a property.

Solihull Contents Insurance Cover

In addition to house coverage, many property owners combine contents cover with Solihull home insurance in a single policy. Separating the personal importance and financial value of your building from its content can be difficult. For this reason, house and contents policies are quite popular, and most owners would not consider separate policies except under certain special circumstances. Combining policies can also reduce the cost of Solihull home insurance.

Contents coverage insures the movable belongings that fill your rooms and give your house its functionality, character and style. Your furniture, carpets, drapes, ornaments, appliances and electronic equipment are covered under a contents policy. Smaller individual items, such as watches, jewellery and clothing, are also covered. Perishable food items and personal toiletries may be insured, as well.

Articles that exceed a certain value, such as watches, jewellery and cameras, may be covered under a high value option. High value cover increases your financial protection to insure your more expensive personal belongings. All risks cover protects valuable belongings when you take them out of the house. If you travel frequently, an all risks policy can give you greater peace of mind about your notebook computer, mobile phone, rings, watches or other valuable possessions when you are away from your residence.

An accidental damage option pays out if your belongings are damaged by a routine household mishap. Most standard contents policies do not cover incidents like spills or accidental breakage. An accidental damage policy covers those ordinary incidents, so that you can have greater peace of mind about the security of your costly rugs, furniture or glassware.

Solihull No Claims Discounts

A no claims bonus can minimise the cost of Solihull home insurance considerably. This bonus rewards you with a discount on your premiums for making no claims within a policy period. If you combine your house and contents cover, your discounts may be separate or combined, depending on your insurer's policies.

Solihull home insurance is a versatile, flexible financial product that can be tailored to suit any family's needs. Compare quotes from several of the leading providers to find a policy that suits your residence and your lifestyle. Use our free online tools to gather quotes in a comfortable, secure setting.